King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Official Announcement Trailer
Check out the official announcement trailer for King Arthur: Knight's Tale, coming to Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S.

  • SIMIskits

    If only it was a third-person action adventure... 😔sigh

  • FACM

    Looks interesting

  • Matt Misanthropy
    Matt Misanthropy

    Another top down game for the oldies.

  • Blender Geek
    Blender Geek

    I hope there's guy named Dutch Plan Der Linde

  • SuitYak

    Yesssss! Why don't we already have a solid Arthurian game!? Take my money! 💰

  • vair lover
    vair lover

    Looks horrible. I was hoping for something like Diablo. Too slow on moving and combat

  • Jeffrey Lieberman
    Jeffrey Lieberman

    Wayyyyy tooooo slowwwww looking for me.

  • the grapist
    the grapist

    recruiting mordred as an ally, now that's a twist

    • drizzitdude

      Mordred was a knight of the round table. He later betrayed King Arthur while he was fighting against Lancelot. In some version Lancelot is Mordreds Idol who he thinks is the ideal knight, and he has rescued Mordred on numerous occasions so it kinda adds up.

  • Edward R Paul
    Edward R Paul

    How can I go back to this RTS game, this would be so time consuming haha

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes

    Fuckin what

  • ElGeneralEG

    Ah yes I see alot of men of culture refrencing fate/staynight

  • Betato The Random
    Betato The Random

    Dark Souls we need Bloodbourne Cart.

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    i didn't like turn based combat back in the 80's and i sooooo tired of it now, guess this is a miss.

  • Ranger Danger Oranger
    Ranger Danger Oranger

    Me: oooooh a King Arthur game. Me during the trailer: eew turn-based. Nope.

    • Ranger Danger Oranger
      Ranger Danger Oranger

      @João Gabriel Action RPG with mature content like Witcher 3 with Vortigern as the nemesis would be better imo

    • João Gabriel
      João Gabriel

      Me too, unfortunately 😞. Althought I pretty much liked the graphics and I might give this a try, but no time to play always

  • TheKindredblades

    I'm in!

  • Casual User
    Casual User

    why so many dislikes? i thought it looked pretty badass

  • Shay Zanee
    Shay Zanee

    Mordred was here from Apocrypha...

  • Viking Fitness
    Viking Fitness

    I love RTS games but this concept could have been done so much better as a different genre, like an open world action RPG or a souls type game

  • Eric Perry
    Eric Perry

    Oh no turn based, well it’s probably not that great of a game then

    • Victor Reis
      Victor Reis

      Yes, go back to your action open world games, nobody cares.

  • Jasper Harris
    Jasper Harris

    So Diablo meets xcom?

  • maggintons

    For a moment there.. I thought this was gonna be Warner Bros studio's spiritual successor to Shadow Of Mordor/War... its a shame.

  • Brandon Aukett
    Brandon Aukett

    This looks really freaking cool

  • Юрій Прохоров
    Юрій Прохоров

    Glad that there is a new turn-based strategy. I was looking for something like Heroes V.

  • Breno Silva
    Breno Silva

    Mordred: Loyal LUL

  • Astral Blaze
    Astral Blaze

    Expected dark souls from the cinematic but this still looks interesting

  • Vivek modhwadia
    Vivek modhwadia


  • Erfa 401
    Erfa 401

    This game can run on Xbox one and ps4 why just new Gen

  • Will

    Would have been better if this was made as a Souls game.

    • Redsand

      Dating sim > racing game > souls clone

    • Victor Reis
      Victor Reis

      Nah, if it was a racing game would be way superior...

  • Going Off Topic
    Going Off Topic

    damn I didn't think I'd ever see this franchise come back, used to be a fantasy total war, King arthur the roleplaying-wargame for anyone interested

  • GoodGuy

    Doesn't show hit chance. I`m hyped.

  • Кирилл Шиленков
    Кирилл Шиленков

    Every sord hit is a masterpiece in this game! Have you ever sin such an action?

  • Adrianos S. Bougas
    Adrianos S. Bougas

    Amazing artstyle and atmosphere! Soulless animations. Hope they fix!

  • dnoallyn16 98
    dnoallyn16 98

    Use your super mega swing attack! .....Two hours later.

  • dnoallyn16 98
    dnoallyn16 98

    I'll support them when they make it real time lol

  • Johnnyxp64

    give me a HeroQuest in this type of game and i will buy It 10 times. not less and not more complicated. just the HeroQuest board game complexity and depth with all the quests for all the expansions and ability to be the game master (bad guy) and an open QuestEditor. ♥️😎🙄

  • David SHnurov
    David SHnurov

    Disciples?... no no no... it's an obsession

  • Игорь Ш
    Игорь Ш

    Like Heroes Might and Magick.

  • S G M de Paz
    S G M de Paz

    Parece el rey brujo la armadura

  • Steve The Glitch
    Steve The Glitch

    This looks like a 10 year old pc game lol Pass but cool for anyone who will enjoy it

  • amazingmexican12

    Damn was really hyped for a second....then saw the gameplay. 😔😔

  • Christopher Worbetz
    Christopher Worbetz

    *sigh turned based

  • Task Force
    Task Force

    I was expecting a King Arthur : Legend of the Sword type of storyline here. 😂

  • TheaDragonSpirit

    They need to do a king Author where Merlin is a scientist and engineering genius, that helps design the sword in the stone using a locking mechanism in which the person has to figure out how to move the sword in the stone in the correct way to release the sword, in which if a person could figure this out, they believed they could have the insight to do strategy on a large scale, in which Merlin taught what he knew to Author, and they learned chess, and other ways in which to strategies, plus learned physics to think of ways to over come obstacles of nature in the way. Where everyone thought they were wizards and magicians because they couldn't understand how what happened happened. How they fell in to the traps they did. Plus the mechanical machines. That would be awesome. As I don't think anything like that has been done before, in which someone took fantasy and tales, and showed how they could be exaggerations of the truth.

  • Benny

    turn based combat 🤮🤮🤮

  • Colin notyou0k
    Colin notyou0k

    Very interested in this, it looks impressive.

  • Kinmoonify


  • TroubleCauser22

    00:28 aaaand you lost me, love Arthurian Legend but turn based games just aren't my cup of mead

  • Turan X
    Turan X

    King Arthur is a man? Sexist. Cancelled.

  • Redguard Gaming
    Redguard Gaming

    These devs definitely played divinity but do they know why divinity was so great

    • Victor Reis
      Victor Reis

      Divinity is not the first and not the best game of its genre... Stop with the shitty comparisons.


    This is basically a medieval version of *Gears Of War: Tactics.* 😎

    • Remy van der Winden
      Remy van der Winden

      Is that turn based as well? Or just strategy?

  • Sheep Boy
    Sheep Boy

    how many king arthur movies are there

  • blindoutlaw

    Wow! A lot of people don’t like crpg’s

  • ParagodTV

    Is it just me or do the graphics look like a mobile game?

  • Grant Podue
    Grant Podue

    my favorite version of Mordred will always be the Fate Grand order series version

    • Grant Podue
      Grant Podue

      @brak danych I am aware I just didn't know how to spell apoc whatever and I was to lazy to look it up

    • brak danych
      brak danych

      Mordred is not from fgo, she is from fate apocrypha where from her design, character and abilities come from

  • Red Hoodie
    Red Hoodie

    immediately lost interest once I found out it was a top-down game

  • Tom Langan
    Tom Langan

    I love this style of game and thia looka awesome, especially the monster design. My only hripe from the trailer is the attacks don't look badass enough. When the heroes were attacked by the giant monster they should have been thrown back a couple of spqces onto their backs. More like that please, ramp up the attack effects to 11!

  • Youuu Boiii
    Youuu Boiii

    Can someone make a LOTR RPG again please!


    This loves great

  • J. S
    J. S

    I was hoping for something similar to the Konami King Arthur back in 2004 on PS2.

  • Pandarian300

    looks promising but I don't like grid base map, but I like its a turn base game

  • Reggie Sosa
    Reggie Sosa

    Honestly this shouldve been an action rpg.. buts its my opinion

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    I’ve been enjoying those medieval renditions of iconic songs ie. Gangsters Paradise, all those Star Wars OST’s, etc

  • Sam Melia
    Sam Melia

    Somebody didn't shell out for a cine-quality CGI trailer for a top down, turn-based, fantasy strategy game like everybody else, and it shows.

  • Yiren Ye
    Yiren Ye

    If Arthur is male I'm not buying, cuz it's historically inaccurate. Wait wat that's not true?

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James

    I'm definitely looking forward to this.

  • Metrix

    I can appreciate that they show legitimate gameplay and not flair it up

  • RiqCrow

    Anyone know what music is used in this? Sounds incredible

  • MrRifleguy1

    Melodious and the 7 deadly sins and king Arthur that one time in a couple episodes

  • mujexzilla

    Looks nice but it doesn't have a prayer in hell of competing with Baldurs Gate 3...

  • offanimax


  • Battleaxe Gaming
    Battleaxe Gaming

    Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 My channel isn't growing 😔


    Well aint this some bull💩💩 i thought was guna be a straight up hack and slash game!

  • adventure skaut
    adventure skaut

    Am i the only one getting raid shadow legends vibes out of this?

  • Werlay Brinvert
    Werlay Brinvert

    This tells me nothing

  • FloreV

    This looks way cooler than what the title implies


    Hi guys u are awesome 😊 my goal is to reach 1000k subs by tomorrow please help me reach my goal. Thank you

  • Henbot

    LUL this isn’t how you do a trailer but the game could be fun

    • Victor Reis
      Victor Reis

      Yeah, they're supposed to show fake gameplay and a bunch of cinematic to trick people into buying the game, right?

  • Ak47

    crpg? no way am down baby

    • Ak47

      wait does the character move at all in world or is it just like might and magic

  • Just a Nerd
    Just a Nerd

    There better be some Monty Python Easter eggs.

  • alabasterindigo

    Isometric dark fantasy! Let’s f***ing go!

  • Bwalya Mambwe
    Bwalya Mambwe

    Bad timing when everyone is playing baldur's gate

  • Faylum1

    Such a shame they didnt continue the concept like shadow of mordor. This diablo look is disgusting for games

  • Rashit Rashitov
    Rashit Rashitov

    give me the game and take my money!

  • Rashit Rashitov
    Rashit Rashitov

    Disciples 2020!

  • TorturedSoul76


  • Zack James
    Zack James

    Thanos in a helmet

  • Caden Ross
    Caden Ross

    So a mobile game

  • Maxshtayger

    Disciples 2-3 ?)))

  • Alvaro Beonix
    Alvaro Beonix


  • The River
    The River

    So fire emblem but no waifus?

  • Saulius Suminas
    Saulius Suminas

    kickstarter ...... ffs

  • Santiago Carbonell
    Santiago Carbonell

    Holy.. buying it!

  • Sleepy Otaku
    Sleepy Otaku

    Looks decent. The animation can surely speed up a bit. Why so many dislikes?

  • Narayan B.
    Narayan B.

    I was thinking for sometimes that there should be a game based on King Arthur make and now it happened

  • ZenIceHero

    Is this game gonna be next gen only?? What a bummer

  • CaptHotah

    Heroes of Might & Magic vibes

  • Martin Conway
    Martin Conway

    Hold on, i thought King Arthur was a blonde anime girl with an invisible sword?

  • Hydrated Hipster
    Hydrated Hipster

    Yo I remember my Arthur being a girl wtf

  • Wanzerium Hibiskus
    Wanzerium Hibiskus

    not too bad!

  • MrSteve UK
    MrSteve UK

    looks cool wish it was more like diablo

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