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Marvel's Avengers was September's best-selling game, but now the multiplayer-focused hit is struggling to stay afloat. What can Crystal Dynamics do to bring players back in?

  • IGN

    Have you played any Marvel's Avengers co-op?

    • Chase JabL
      Chase JabL

      I was in the beta and I knew that it would flop hate to say.

    • TheSilentGamer

      @Slipstreamz I have the full Arkham collection playing Asylum now

    • mike korean
      mike korean

      Nop never. lol

    • Crazyfayze

      @A . B Shah Web of shadows is the most underrated Spiderman game. True believer

    • Crazyfayze

      No, playing Ghost of Tsushima Legends instead. Much better

  • Saravanan

    Square Enix with delays doesn't surprise me anymore

  • BluGhost

    It’s dynasty warriors with an avengers skin..just release a a villains campaign and try to get as close to the older ultimate alliance formula n maybe this could turn it around

  • Jason

    Wtf is Brian doing

  • Jason

    I hate bow ties

  • lemurfax20001

    A goat could jump higher than hulk in this game.

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson

    And that’s how the game died. Reminds me of anthem. 😂🤣

  • kyle s
    kyle s

    How is anyone surprised?

  • Zaheer Sarang
    Zaheer Sarang

    This game is singing it's own Anthem....ah hahaha

  • Alman19955

    what a horrible game

  • Ressard

    These scripted news stories...🙄

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Played about an hour of the beta and was like.... "nooooope". So mad they convinced me to give them my email. They're probably selling all my data to Russia as we speak.

  • HyperStealthy

    tbh they should stop selling the game and remake the game. the game had so much Potential but now it’s just a disappointment....

  • Ray Jordan
    Ray Jordan

    Fine I'll do it myself

  • Mills Unpingco
    Mills Unpingco

    Once Cyberpunk hits shelves, avengers dlc won’t matter at all,

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark

    The Avengers name CARRIED the game to number 7. This game needs a ton of fixes. They should do that during the delay.

  • Losly Lale
    Losly Lale

    Lame s jokes . Just stick to the content of what you are trying to saying . You’re not funny let’s get that right

  • Jeremy Barnes
    Jeremy Barnes

    Why does the thumbnail show the MCU? I thought this video was going to be about that.

  • Rob Pollock
    Rob Pollock

    Yeah... I was counting on the Kate Bishop content to bring me back in the next couple weeks. I'm bummed.

  • Allups

    I'm playing it but very disappointed.


    this game was a big flop and trust me all the players are out

  • SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
    SwaggyTJM33 Matthews

    no not loving the game, right now, it has gotten worse stale and repetitive,, boring now and it hasn’t even been out that long, its a bummer of being yescim bummmed i bought the full game, i should have waited to buy it

  • Jermel Purse
    Jermel Purse

    None of this will save the game it is fundamentally broken. The one thing I need it to be successful or at least one of the major components needed to be successful is the end game and it’s broken Not only that but the overall look system is broken. We keep telling games who want to function as a game as a service to look at some of the positive examples what el Diablo did things. Look at how borderlands handle things.

  • Carlos Moreno
    Carlos Moreno

    I stopped playing half way the story I gave up on it

  • 80s kid
    80s kid


  • Devilke888

    I think its ok game. Could have been better yes. There is just a lack of stuff to do in general. If the gameplay is repetitive, atleast make the rewards worthwhile. Make new game modes, alot more customization, more heroes, more everything rly.

  • Tsuki Ōkami-sama
    Tsuki Ōkami-sama

    2020 was awesome with games? When?

  • Tyler Loconte
    Tyler Loconte

    This was a garbage video, first of all. I don't think anyone should be surprised by the loss of concurrent players.. They combined genres that have no business being together. A game that should be almost entirely focused on story, is instead stretched thin by characters with limited button input, very little difficult scaling, and a very unappealing gear system will net you exactly this, and the b-list Hawkeye, who's already kind of b-list, isn't going to save it sadly.

  • michael11vg

    Game is like an empty carcass. Has no personality

  • gypsyauh2o

    They added only three supervillains...and only two can be battled in multiplayer. I'm bored out of my mind, and want my money back.

  • pyrosdestiny

    I'm waiting to get the game on sale.

  • Anthony Maki
    Anthony Maki

    Shits almost as bad as destiny 2 fam

  • Red Raven
    Red Raven

    They left a big scar on the Marvel Franchise that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

  • manna

    Im playing pacify wwz and thats it.. since the pandemic ❤️👍

  • mike korean
    mike korean

    this game is totally forgotten. haha only had attention when they release bunch of videos before releasing. haha

  • DaFro3713

    So they’re literally blaming the players for why they’re slowing down an already slow stream of content for a mediocre game.

  • Crazy Person
    Crazy Person

    Honestly even The Amazing Spider-man 2 videogame is more fun to play than this game

  • King King
    King King

    The game needed more polishing, mechanics is unfinished,repetitive gameplay,strike impact is awful feels like touching your enemies rather than actuall hitting and story could have been a lot better

  • Muhammad-Amin Jacobs
    Muhammad-Amin Jacobs

    This should serve as another example that you should NEVER released an unfinished game, where you only get a fraction of the actual main-story with a repetitive soulless multiplayer attached to it. Obviously I'm comparing it to Anthem.

  • shawking20

    Marvel's Anthem haha. They should have just made a new Marvel Heroes Omega game.

  • Phaethon Prime
    Phaethon Prime

    Game had bomb written all over it since the first reveal. You've got room temperature iq if you bought it.

  • Hugh G Rection
    Hugh G Rection

    Imagine making a game off of one of the most successful and beloved movie franchises in history and you completely botch it.

  • King Lord
    King Lord

    I mean the combat is alright however I must admit it is sooooooo repetitive and with all these bugs and content delays why release the game in this state should’ve just released it straight on ps5 got feels rushed also I bet this won’t be the only dlc delay and also this could delay Hawkeye dlc smh

  • Jedi Govna
    Jedi Govna

    2K players on Steam? Wutchu smoking?! Maybe weeks ago. It barely hits 1k players on Steam these days.

  • TikiShootah

    Should see tarwsrs squadrons. That thing tapering off hard with no new content.

  • MARKRebels

    I enjoy Avengers but if you think I’m still playing it in November with Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Devil May Cry 5: Definitive Edition, Spider-Man: Miles Morales & Cyberpunk 2077 releasing, YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING.

  • Stark Samurai
    Stark Samurai

    I stopped caring about this game, I deleted it and not missing it at all

  • Ronald Robinson
    Ronald Robinson

    It needs a PvP mode

  • Christopher Sullivan
    Christopher Sullivan

    Just by looking at the release it looks boring and repetitive. Kill robots galore

  • lambo2655

    I only play the game solo and while the bot AI could stand for more improvements they make for decent support and they’re on the money when you need reviving. I’m still grinding away getting every hero fully maxed out and yes it’s a grind. I’m also one trophy away from the platinum playing it on my PS4 PRO and this last trophy to complete 50 Hives will take me some time. I’m looking forward to the new hero, Kate Bishop to be added to the game and disappointed her appearance has been delayed to next month. It might be hard for this game to hold my attention in November with new consoles being released and a bunch of new top level games. November will be a packed month and also a wallet buster.

  • Frosty Jak
    Frosty Jak

    So sad I bought this game something told me not to buy it but I did anyways, guess I’ll come back to it next year

  • Max Pollak
    Max Pollak

    It’s just a bad game

  • Colby Rook
    Colby Rook

    Lol did he just needlessly plug his own review

  • Colby Rook
    Colby Rook

    The script of this video is the cringest thing I’ve seen on IGN in years

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith

    On top of fixing the various issues I hope they take time to include actual Marvel villains instead of robot after robot

  • Y B
    Y B

    Just leave the superhero games to DC

  • XBeVo503X Q
    XBeVo503X Q

    The game was just a cash grab. People are so hyped for the Marvel universe that they would buy the first game with the title Avengers in it.

  • Mx Oakenshield
    Mx Oakenshield

    Nintendo September numbers are in after this video got publish. Mario all stars sold more in September than marvel avengers.

  • Ryuken

    Forgot this game even existed

  • cyco72

    glad I've decided to get Tony Hawk 1+2 instead, shame, but this gaas model seems to be suited more for free to play games.

  • Rin Moon
    Rin Moon

    Why do the characters look weird?

  • Rin Moon
    Rin Moon

    In the time it takes to snap your fingers half the fanbase was gone.


    The Avengers game is yuck....

  • Evooki

    The game doesnt work anyway because its just a microtransaction shithole sooooo whatever? who cares?

  • Oscar

    Coming from a huge marvel fan,buyer of the special edition of this game., and a long time gamer, this game really disappointed me. It's extremely repetitive. At this point it's not even rewarding to play. It's like walking a hamster wheel. The fact that the creators have me waiting for dlc including the spiderman character I was promised, really turns me off. As a player, I would rather play another game like apex or something cause it feels more fun than this repetitive and unfinished game. These delay give the the vibe that they are drying out of ideas. And it hurts me to say this cause I really loved the concepts and the potential they had. They just don't know what to do with it. First of all,why release a new character that people rarely know? I would of rather had flint barton instead.

  • Unorthodox Genius
    Unorthodox Genius

    these scripts.. smh

  • Joseph

    The combat system is where the game really shines and graphics however they need to come up with more creative and different mission types. Like chasing missions, saving civilians, stealth, all out war and one single hero missions. It doesn't matter how much new content they release if they don't fix the structure of the game. People will only play the new content and get bored the next week. I really love the game and to be able to play with my favorite childhood super heroes feels nostalgic and awesome. But the developers should take advantage of the huge potential the game has to create a masterpiece.

  • nomis69

    I’ll wait til it drops below £10

  • TallMan Gaming
    TallMan Gaming

    Traded my avengers game yesterday put my point towards Spider-Man miles morales instead

  • Darin

    Yea it takes too long to grind to get currency to buy hero skins which are the only cool thing in the game the buff items you equip to your hero feel useless. Marvel ultimate alliance feels better

  • Island Gaming
    Island Gaming

    Maybe "Games as a service" needs to go the way of the quick time button press and disappear!

  • Dj Licious
    Dj Licious

    Tbh i dont care that they ain’t changing anything cuz I’ll still keep on playing it✊🏾🔥

  • Island Gaming
    Island Gaming

    Can you say "ANTHEM?"

  • حمد إبراهيم
    حمد إبراهيم

    He is not funny

  • Samuel Freitas
    Samuel Freitas

    Act act act ... afff

  • G Checks
    G Checks

    People with a brain knew this game was a dumpster fire dead on arrival game

  • Young King Kush
    Young King Kush

    Man honestly video like this make me actually want to watch IGN content. Like, I understand there’s a lot of toxicity in the gaming community so bigger outlets try to stay away from that, but then you end up never saying anything negative about anything and it comes off disingenuous (BTW it’s not just IGN, KindaFunny & Gameranx are also guilty of this). You gotta call a spade a spade though man.

  • OverEzee

    The real question is: Which will come out first, Avengers DLC or Anthem 2.0?

  • Fraser MacKinnon
    Fraser MacKinnon

    This looked like a thoughtful editorial on why the Disney film Avengers Endgame doesn't work without new content. Instead it's a lackadaisical report on a Crystal Dynamic blog.

  • Alex Ward
    Alex Ward

    I’d rather them release the new characters with no bugs, rather than release it now and it’s broken/buggy. At a restaurant, do you want an undercooked steak in 15 mins then have to send it back and wait another 25/30 mins for them to cook you a new one, or wait 30 mins for a perfectly cooked steak?

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne

    This is why _Spider-Man_ will be Fine Without a Bunch of a *Clowns*

  • M&M Mars
    M&M Mars

    I got to the point where you meet Dr. Hank Pym (Ant-Man) got through the cut scene fell out the world and tried again over three days i tried to get through it but every time i played i would watch the cut scene and fall out the world so i gave up on it

  • Udit Arora
    Udit Arora

    If avengers is number 7, what will cyberpunk be? Will it break some kindoff records?

  • Joe T
    Joe T

    this is what GAAS does to games

  • Matt

    Avengers is going to be like Destiny to me. Play it for a few days at a time, get bored, wait for new DLC to come out, repeat.

  • Javier Moya
    Javier Moya

    what a shame... with anthem people expected it to fail off the bat people really wanted this to succeed but over time we kinda saw what we were gonna get into...

  • Childish 13stepz
    Childish 13stepz

    I’m bummed out still playing and having fun

  • Patriots571994

    The game is fun, but idk who at CD or Square Enix thought giving people a Marvel avengers game with TWO villains to fight over and over would be a bright idea lol also how do you not have any true key marvel landmarks, have us fight in stark tower, avengers mansion, Asgard like cmon be better game developers

  • ChessIQ

    I bought it and I broke it :)

  • logan10662

    Said it looked like a ps2 game day one looks like I was correct

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake

    No content, no soul, no love for this game, no interest. I just see a cash-grab.

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper

    I’m deleting this game

  • Zach Noriega
    Zach Noriega

    When you delay DLC for quality purposes but your whole game lacks quality

  • Oren Bartal
    Oren Bartal

    Waiting for the game to be ~$5 so I can play the single player campaign and delete it afterwards.

  • Tucker

    Avengers: Infinity Bore...

  • Darthadios

    According to Angry Joe, this game is almost dead, there is like 1000 players online.

  • Udit Vedant Mishra
    Udit Vedant Mishra

    don't care about this crap game

  • Nikhil Maharaj
    Nikhil Maharaj

    Terrible Game, they should have made a single player only game like Sonys Spiderman game.

  • Kell of Kells
    Kell of Kells

    They need better enemy variety way more heroes and a huge price drop before anyone comes back to this dumpster fire

    • Kell of Kells
      Kell of Kells

      @Jeff bolt because six is a nothing, how can you .. not want more heroes ? Want less ?

    • Jeff bolt
      Jeff bolt

      Lol why you want more heroes? Weirdo

  • Point Man
    Point Man

    When the question is the answer

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