Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access Review
Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access reviewed on PC by Leana Hafer. Also available on Stadia.
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  • Pornstar Yuumi
    Pornstar Yuumi

    Best game

  • Adrian Costea
    Adrian Costea

    How can you even review something that is not finished yet?

  • Akshay

    Don't understand the hate of the review tbh, its a meh score now, he'll review it again later and give it a better score, big deal....?

  • Thorstinn

    IGN stop this is dumb

  • laraki

    Thank you very much, for reviewing this early access game and being honest about the fact that it's buggy, I will now wait to purchase this game until it is polished! We need people putting out reviews like this so that developers do not get our money before they have earned it. Thank you.

  • Ulieq

    looks like tedious crap imo

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      Tedious for those who don’t enjoy the strategic style gameplay, other wise it is a blast

  • MacNab

    I like the review but am confused by "the most basic classes". Warlock is probably the most unique complex class in D&D

  • Noob Abyss
    Noob Abyss

    There is cracked version out already for free & Cheat trainer for it.

    • Noob Abyss
      Noob Abyss

      @Stephanie Crest Agreed half of it, u can just download the update patch and replace. Don't need to download the whole things

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      Considering how often this game gets updated it’s prolly better to just buy it instead of having to download the update manually every week or so. But up to preference I guess.

  • Sixftsenpai

    This guy legit sounds like kermit. Is this kermit?

  • easeinbox

    Does it have a game engine like NWN did? Can you build your own adventures and launch them on a server much like a DM would?

  • Ster Kelm
    Ster Kelm

    BG3 has the worst camera behaviour in history of gaming, both in and out of combat. I love the graphics, the setting, the voice acting etc., but camera is absolutely preventing me from playing it.

  • Markonefifteen

    IGN is like the CNN/Fox News of video game reviews

    • LWT

      No, it's just you that's dumb.

  • Geraldo Selvia
    Geraldo Selvia

    I have played single player for a couple hours and I am playing multiplayer with a friend now on Stadia, I am having a lot of fun, I cannot way for the final version! I have no idea what's going to happen next in the story!

  • Professor Palmer
    Professor Palmer

    Speedrunner already beat it in under 6 minutes

  • DavidJG

    watching the cutscenes got me worried, they look off somehow. the gameplay looks fun not BG though, that DOS template.

  • Daniel Zanin
    Daniel Zanin

    As aways IGN proves to be incompetent

  • Lucas Poole
    Lucas Poole

    Don't buy the game, it's a scam. It wont launch.

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      they are trying to fix that for people who can't launch the game.

  • keaton l
    keaton l

    From what I've played so far this game makes me truly feel like I'm playing DND with my friends, it's incredible especially in multiplayer exploring the world with friends strategizing your next moves. I'm truly blown away by the freedom this game provides, and how closely it feels to playing tabletop dnd. If you can't get a group together for dnd I would highly recommend you check this out

  • joetabasco

    Love divinity 2 but always wished it looked more realistically rather than WoW-esque. Enter Baldurs Gate 3! I’m looking fwd to play it.

  • devilaces

    I think if a game is for sale, it's appropriate to have a review for it. "but it's early access! Of course is buggy as hell and lacks basic features!" well they shouldn't charge people big bucks for it then!

  • Reinminer .Gryphon
    Reinminer .Gryphon

    Just as I thought, best for me to wait for full release!

  • MamboJambo

    This a pre-alpha at best NOT an Early Access. The game was never tested at all. Reeks of bugs, memory leaks, and the rest. It was a quick cash grab and people are too blind to see it.

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      @MamboJambo I mean they actively told people to not buy it if they didn't want to deal with bugs and to wait for full release. I'm sure people enough to think for themselves larian also listens so to feedback pretty well.

    • MamboJambo

      @Stephanie Crest Probably. But that doesn't make the intent any different. It's just a dirty company tactic.

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      Knowing larian they'll make it a masterpiece like they did for the dos series

  • pablo popo
    pablo popo

    Does anyone know if Larian plans to update Early Acces with new classes and story elements once they are finished? or are they keeping Early Access as is and doing the full game release next year?

    • pablo popo
      pablo popo

      @miendudeplays Ok, that sounds fair. Thanks.

    • miendudeplays

      Yes, they plan to keep updating the game and adding classes/characters until full 1.0 release. I'm not sure if they are going to allow access to the other acts in the future, but for now it's only act 1. I think they just want to iron out the core mechanics and balance first. Their track record with early access has been great since DoS 1 and DoS2, so I would personally have faith.

  • goovind narula
    goovind narula

    ign said that this game is not finished, but then proceeded to be disappointed that the game is unfinished. It's in early access, calm ur tidds ign.

  • kracken 965
    kracken 965

    This game for me is already 10/10. Yes,it's EA, with technical issues and it's only ACT 1...BUT in spite of is amazing. I wish the last two Dragon Age had been like this .

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      @kast Depends 10/10 means close to perfect nothing can be perfect obviously considering its also an opinion, 10/10 would mean closest to someones ideal game if anything

  • Last Renegade
    Last Renegade

    Guys chill. IGN is known for such stupidity, heck they have been doing these kinda things for well over a decade now, so do you all think they are going to change now..hmm

  • Lord Lambert
    Lord Lambert

    I feel like maybe 90% of the comments here didn't actually watch the review at all. Leana is well aware of the game being early access, and if your argument is "you shouldnt review things in early access I would kindly tell you to sit and spin. If you charge full price for a product, it can and should be reviewed.

    • kevin

      @Jacob Richardson I’m one of those “sane rational people that never comment”, if that’s true then why has the guy only 1 like? And probably even from Himself. why do you have only 1 like? Most sane rational people would disagree with you and the guy. Nobody is forced with a gun to the head to buy this early acces game, they buy this because they want to support the devs, joining the community of people who give feedback etc and ofcourse hardcore fans of the series. And no, i never played any baldurs gate fact, i dont even have a gaming pc. I’m not even a gamer, cause the last time i touched my ps4 was in 2019 when resident evil 2 remake came out. I’m only here because it ‘s 1:55am and i can’t sleep and to tell you you’re wrong.

    • Jacob Richardson
      Jacob Richardson

      Ya pretty much. But what do you expect. It's youtube comments. One of the single worst places on earth. Just figured I'd let you know that sane rational people agree with you. But just never comment

  • Alkın Fakiroglu
    Alkın Fakiroglu

    So this is BG3? Bugs are irrelevant, they will be fixed but... This game is Divinity 3. Sigh...

    • Stephanie Crest
      Stephanie Crest

      Divinity objectively revitalising the CRPG genre so i wouldn't say all bad, and for those of us who loved baldurs gate 1 & 2 grateful to see a return

  • Stev O
    Stev O


  • Monster Ball
    Monster Ball

    Heeey The Faculty alien worm anyone?

  • karışık youtube
    karışık youtube

    ADVICE: we want subtitles, thank you.

  • Taylor Olson
    Taylor Olson

    iss all the gameplay along one main narrative? seems like you should have talked about what the hell the game actually is for those who arent familiar with the series

  • John H
    John H

    7 is quite harsh for an early access review.

  • hospitalcleaner

    Giving a rating to an early access game? That's not fair. Two thumbs down from me

    • LWT

      Did it escape your notice that that they charge money for their "unfinished game". Can't find a better reason to review a game than that.

  • Ironwind1972

    Complains about the classes, thats what tradition epic D&D is. The whole foundation of RPG games were built by these classes. This is what you get when a millennial reviews an old school RPG haha.

  • Emile Merle
    Emile Merle

    Complaining about the lack of content while saying multiple times that it's early access is laughable. That they give us THAT MUCH (instead of JUST THAT like in the video) is incredible: 5 companions with an already pretty fleshed out backstory and a budding development in just the first act/prologue (though I must say I find some of them rather similar in personality, half of them are stuck-up a-holes with Astarion, Gale and Lae'Zel being the prime examples), the classes are really complex and faithful to their DnD 5e counterparts, the character creation is amazing already... My only complaints are that the companions come at you too fast (Gale literally pops into existence): having them all be on the ship - while giving them a reason to travel together - feels very restrictive in meeting conditions and thrusts the story at you without giving you time to get to know one character before the next one already tries to stab you on the road. My second and last complaint is more tied to the game feeling like a Divinity game with a Baldur's Gate skin, but it's a tricky one to fix. Larian studios are obviously playing to their strengths (and there's nothing wrong with that! I'd rather have that than them trying and failing miserably, although that's what the early access is for), but apart from the bonus actions like the amazing jump and push I feel very little manages to make the game feel different from their flagship franchise. Regardless, I and my father are glad Baldur's Gate is getting resurrected and we'll happily report all the game-breaking bugs we find!

  • The Happy Cats Tail
    The Happy Cats Tail

    Reviewing an early access game is like eating a cake before its baked.

    • LWT

      Releasing an early access game for full price is like serving a cake before it is baked. The reviews are just judging what is presented to them.

  • Kael Thas
    Kael Thas

    *Does a review on an early access *Complains the game is in early access

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    When reviewers are so used to EA being the actual 'release' of a game and forget to notice that it's actually eh... Early access for once not 'we're trying to sell you something on a promise of bugfixes that will never come'

  • Lylian X
    Lylian X

    I watch IGN reviews purely to laugh at the idiocy.

  • Facade

    Larian: "Hey, here's the game, its NOT finished." Review: "I was disappointed to discover that THE GAME'S NOT FINISHED."

    • MilusPrime

      it's 60 bucks, I think it's fair

    • Herakets Games
      Herakets Games

      I mean, it's not like this is an official final review. He did say that he was incredibly optimistic EVEN in current form, and that essentially this was the truest form to D&D gaming that exists in the modern market. IGN Reviewer: "This is an early review, we know that the game is not finished." IGN Hater: "OMGUH, Can't you guyz see the contradiction when you're reviewing an early access and say it's an early access?!?!?!"

    • M. Smith
      M. Smith

      Best way to work out all the bugs. Now they’ll know exactly what they need to fix.

    • tomaten salat
      tomaten salat

      I guess he could have worded it differently, but he did say it was because of early access.

  • robert watson
    robert watson

    I’m loving it

  • Simon Birch
    Simon Birch

    First IGN video I’ve watched in a year plus. Last video of IGN I will watch

  • DeathClawDC

    People who are arguing and commenting Tell me people Where is the review for starcitizen?????

    • DeathClawDC

      @Qlicky exactly Same with here It's a early access build

    • Qlicky

      LOL. There is nothing to review.

  • Aegis Kay
    Aegis Kay

    This would have been better suited as a preview than a review.

  • Sławoj Ch
    Sławoj Ch

    They actually reviewed early access like a full release? :D

    • LWT

      Ofc, why not?

  • Nahid Enam
    Nahid Enam

    Just give 9 rating kids

  • Jonathan

    Feels absolutely misplaced to have a full review and score for an early acces game... impressions ok but why put a score on it?

  • MrGeapy

    Why just score a 7, when all your complaints are based on the game beeing in early access? That´s the whole point of early access. Even the developers said that most people should just wait until full release and they made clear that this game is buggy and glichy. So your score is just unfair and gives a totally false impression of the game.

  • Aar Lekz
    Aar Lekz

    Think they will ever do the dark alliance version? I passed that game so many times over.

  • simplydoz

    Your dumb ign. Why did you have an early access review? Nobody was expecting one.

  • Retro Kickass
    Retro Kickass

    I think the full release will be amazing

  • Vaiking

    For those who have played Divinity 2 and this early access, does it feel like the same game with same mechanics ? My biggest concern is not feeling like it's a continuity of BG 1 and 2 but rather a Divinity 3 under a different name

  • Dirty Thoughts
    Dirty Thoughts

    reviewing an early access and saying " buggy and unfinished", you guys are clowns.....

  • theldun1

    full price for a game still a year from completion??? I want my money back... this crap is just a cash grab plain and simple!

  • Very good
    Very good

    "Excellent dialogue and writing". Lol. The game's dialogue is as if written by a 15 years old aspiring fantasy author. All characters are an exact manifestation of their alignment and a complete whitebox. Other than the gith character all of them have the classic "secret I can't talk about!"-background as well. It's covered in layers of cliches and hammy writing.

    • Very good
      Very good

      @The Real Will Howard No, just someone who occasionally reads literature and has some understanding of character depth.

    • The Real Will Howard
      The Real Will Howard

      I don't think so but ok. I guess you must be a master best selling writer

  • André Riva
    André Riva

    did this guy say divinity original sin 1 beginning was slow? lol

  • Matteo Fenner
    Matteo Fenner

    The fact that they reviewed it itself is equivalent to an high rating, because it means that so many people talk about the game and downloaded the Early Access.

  • JohnConnor365

    How can you even give a rating to a game at this stage? Seems disrespectful to Larian who are letting people play test the game.

    • LWT


    • A Olson
      A Olson

      They're not "letting" people test the game, they're charging them $60 to do so. And here you are simping for companies.

  • kght222

    i bought it because i was going to buy it anyway. been having fun fooling around with it, and when i get bored with that i just have a game i want to play that i will already own when it gets released.

  • Stabby Crabby
    Stabby Crabby

    7/10 really ???? If that would be a full game, yeah but not this.

  • Roman Correa
    Roman Correa

    Why didn't they call it Divinity 3??? It is so similar to Divinity that it hurts. Have you heard the music for Christ sake! It is Divinity! And please, don't get me started about barrels... please. I am so disappointed. I expected a Baldur's Gate game... so sad...

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk

    How do you review an incomplete game?

  • pagnakaze

    IGN: Reviewing an early access game Also IGN give it a low score because of unfinished and bugs

    • Ironwind1972

      Quite right sir, quite right.

  • Mikael

    Imagine reviewing a game in alpha

  • Patrick Leszczynski
    Patrick Leszczynski

    So many people oblivious to the way Larian's ways of making games 🤔 They did the same Early Access thingy with Divinity Original sin 2, took a full year for the game to be released from the beginning of EA (*wich was a massive success*) but expect to wait way longer as the scope of this game is so much more than their previous game. Trust me Larian Studios have about the same passion and quality as CD Projekt Red

  • Jake Snyder
    Jake Snyder

    Okay I get that it's easy to hate on IGN, but this gave me exactly what I needed to know. Early Access can mean anything these days. When I watch an early Access review, my main question is whether or not it's playable/enjoyable in current state. That question was answered. Why all this hate?

    • LWT

      Herd mentality.

  • ScytheX

    Why am I watching this! this guy has no idea what he is talking about. . . I completely lost it when I saw the score roll! please hire smarter reviews?

  • ilovelctr

    The way the review is organized has more of an 'early access' quality to it than the BG3 game does... IGN always tries their best to take the spotlight by publishing reviews as soon as possible without much care given to the writing itself. If you want insightful and exquisitely written reviews, definitely go for Easy Allies instead of this.

  • Sam

    People in the comments section are reviewing this review.

  • Altiar253

    I hope larian hire some comedians to help with certain characters and their dry and nerdy its painful to listen far the old games humor is in front by a long shot on that department

  • Lucifer In Wonderland
    Lucifer In Wonderland

    7/10 wtf it's early access IGN i will rate you 5/10 useless review channel

  • Binks 2091
    Binks 2091

    Just being a pessimist

  • Eli

    IGN should delete their channel

    • LWT

      Ok, edgeboy.

  • Joyful Fishman
    Joyful Fishman

    How are they gonna give the game an actual review when it's still in early access, unless ofcourse they plan on updating consistently which I doubt they will. It would be one thing if they were just recommending if you should buy it now or wait, but to give it a score now feels wrong.

    • Patrick Leszczynski
      Patrick Leszczynski

      I hope so but its IGN so u never know what to expect from them

  • Emmerich August
    Emmerich August

    Someone who buys early access won’t be bothered with it being unfinished because they will play through more than once or too hyped for the story. Bug are understandable especially in the early access.

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac

    I think they didn't want to look bought by the system with this early "review". 7.0 is way wrong. This is the best RPG I've played since Neverwinter Nights. And this is still very early access!

  • Claire Pendragon
    Claire Pendragon

    I dont believe in IGNs reviews, but theres something about some of the things shown here, that im genuinely interested in. Ill probably think its a terrible game, but Ill probably see it as one of those terrible games, that i found a way to have a lot of fun in. (Such as him mentioning the use of support spells over combat spells)

  • Ken pe
    Ken pe

    Call it a preview and giving a score to a game that is FAR from finished?! You can't be srs ign...

    • LWT

      @Ken pe It's not unprofessional. The purpose of a review is to let consumers help decide if a product is worth their money. Early access isn't some cowardly way for developers to cash in on their product without fear of getting reviewed.

    • Ken pe
      Ken pe

      @A Olson Did they force anyone to buy it then? It stays an unfinished game, larian asking money for that doesn't change that fact. Calling it a review and scoring a game not even in beta, is ridiculous and unprofessional.

    • A Olson
      A Olson

      Then they shouldn't have charged for it.

  • Garax

    This reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about. Baldur's gate 1 and 2 are basically 2 of the greatest crpgs of all time. The entire package was awesome. The thing with DnD is it doesn't translate well into a computer game. The dice rolling that you do with your friends in tabletop can't be replicated here. I mean, sure you can do the rolls, do each check but its not the same thing. You can't emulate the banter between friends as you roll dice That is why the original Baldur's Gate games had real time. With a computer game, you want strategy. I mean combat was way better than turn based games. I mean the old school DnD games were turn based but with modern computers it felt like Real Time with Pause was a step in the right direction. This game feels like Divinity OS 3 not Baldur's Gate. If they wanted to make a turn based DnD they should've called it something else.

  • eSKAone

    PlayStation please!!

  • Flyers Ivs
    Flyers Ivs


  • Altyu X
    Altyu X

    If you don't give me money, I'll talk nonsense------ ign

  • shanewald

    why would you review an early access game?????????

    • LWT

      Why not????????????

  • Zachary Chaney
    Zachary Chaney

    Since you are reviewing what is essentially only 1/3rd of a finished game, its EA. I decided to only listen to 2 minutes of your review. 5/10 started off well but felt incomplete.

  • russell martin
    russell martin

    why did the game play change from the past rpg dungeon crawler to boring dnd strategy play??? i played the last 2 games i think on the ps2 and they were diablo like dungeon crawlers i bought this game thinking it would be the same (my fault for not checking) but was severely disappointed by this...

    • russell martin
      russell martin

      @grumpychris ok dude i will. thanks for that i didnt even know there was a split in the series. you learn something new every day.

    • grumpychris

      There were two different Baldur's Gate series. The original "Baldur's Gate" series on PC was a more strategic, slower-paced with more traditional D&D aspects. The newer "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance" series on consoles were a more action orientated, fast-paced hack-n-slash like the Diablo games. Baldur's Gate 3 is a contiuation of the original Baldur's Gate series on PC, not the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series on consoles. If you're interested in the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series, I recommend keeping an eye out for a game just called Dark Alliance.

  • user26474828 5
    user26474828 5

    No realtime battle, no day night cycle, no six man party... This is LAMEST cashgrab bait i have ever seen, using baldurs gate name yet there is absolutely nothing any bg vibe on it. larian shame on you!

  • Sam Hardy
    Sam Hardy

    Disagree completely. The game is incomplete, because it’s in early access. It shouldn’t be critiqued as though it’s finished.

    • Qlicky

      @be my friend Sure, but whats the point of someone telling you that game is not finished and buggy when it says so on the bloody store page?

    • Lucan Smout
      Lucan Smout

      If you’re going to charge full-price...

    • EmperorSmith

      Then they shouldn;t be charging full price for it.

    • be my friend
      be my friend

      yes it should as they are charging money for it. Consumer must know

  • Jian Yuan
    Jian Yuan

    The Earth 2020 is an early access version, would you like to give it a score,IGN?

  • mre1995

    Game looks interesting, charging full price for early access seems a bit dodgy though.

    • A Olson
      A Olson

      @sarahIcommented This isn't a preorder, dipshit. You can refund preorders, you can't refund this.

    • sarahIcommented

      @mre1995 According to Larian it's more geared towards the hardcore fans who are serious about participating in the development process by testing/giving feedback than the general audience.

    • mre1995

      @sarahIcommented Call it what you want, every other game that releases early access has a price cut until full release.

    • sarahIcommented

      You are pre-ordering the full game. Early access is just a bonus.

  • Sara Arche
    Sara Arche

    IGN: *plays an early access game* IGN: "It's so buggy and unfinished!!" Also IGN: *Pikachu face meme*

    • Marvin N
      Marvin N

      If they are asking for money, then people should review it. A review is nothing more than a quick summary of arguments for and against a purchase. Slapping "early access" on it shouldn't make it immune to being reviewed.

  • Dustin Montgomery
    Dustin Montgomery

    Should of been more like Diablo or Dungeon Seige or like games

    • SouXouX

      Why would you want that when you have the Dark Alliance spin offs?

  • flechman63

    Been playing for Over 27 hours now, and I really have been enjoying myself. I for one am very happy with the early access, not only do I get to help with my playing the game, but I get to see the progress of the game.

  • Lipoktoshi Longkumer
    Lipoktoshi Longkumer

    You can do a preview...but why review an early access game that is still a year off from it's release date

    • Lipoktoshi Longkumer
      Lipoktoshi Longkumer

      @LWT have a point there

    • LWT

      The entire purpose of reviews is to let customers know if a product is worth the money. Since Larian is charging for they "early access" it's only fair that it gets reviews.

  • Darren C
    Darren C

    I don't feel like you should put a score on a game that isn't finished

    • A Olson
      A Olson

      I don't feel like you should put a price on a game that isn't finished.

    • be my friend
      be my friend

      Yes they should it it is full price

  • Joshua Mendonca
    Joshua Mendonca

    Was there a reason to review an early access game?

  • Jack Reed
    Jack Reed

    Unpopular opinion: I think this review is still informative and helpful for those who are deciding to buy the EA or wait 1 year or 2 for the polished release.

    • LWT

      It's the most intelligent opinion I've heard so far. This comment section is full of imbeciles.

  • Bartholomew Kaedwyn
    Bartholomew Kaedwyn

    This man killed kagha respec

  • Jigoku


  • SecretLifeGamer

    Sponsored by sony tvs. Not related to this not coming to playstation first.

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