Dirt 5 on Xbox Series X: 4 Minutes of Gameplay in 4K
Approximately four minutes of 4K/60fps gameplay from Dirt 5 running on Xbox Series X.

Dirt 5 will be released for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on November 10.

  • IGN

    Hi all! Our initial upload did not encode in 4K 60FPS, so here is the correct version. Enjoy!

    • Sika

      Your review of the game was just ridiculous. You should fire the person who wrote it. How are you going to compare Dirt 5 to a Forza? how are you going to take a pre-build as if it was the final build? so many basic mistakes on the article smh

    • thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc
      thfddd dvd hc dvdrvrvvr xrexcrevtvycvrevtcvrebyc

      @Havoc Games ppl laystion has terrible genaric open words

    • Hiten Patel
      Hiten Patel

      Still looks dreadful

    • Sean Patterson
      Sean Patterson

      Thank you.

    • Havoc Games
      Havoc Games

      @Dylan P yes, that's your mom

  • Koopa Troopa
    Koopa Troopa

    Nice N64 graphics xD

  • Salih çetinkaya
    Salih çetinkaya

    next gen graphic ? :)

  • Raymond David
    Raymond David

    IGN you got the wrong video. Please reupload

  • DaveSpen

    Who OK'd this?

  • Edward Lopez
    Edward Lopez

    Dirt for Nintendo DS footage? Misleading title, IGN.

  • N. M.G.A.
    N. M.G.A.


  • ShinS3kai

    It's feel like dirt 2 on wii

  • Rafly7s

    Kinda look like a Need for Speed Pro Street graphic isn't it?

  • Yasin Ekici
    Yasin Ekici

    İs there any mobile phone called "Xbox Series X" ?

  • Parsa Kondori
    Parsa Kondori

    are you having a laugh?

  • wolfsta encrypted
    wolfsta encrypted

    This look bad lol

  • Drives & Details
    Drives & Details

    Dirt 2 looked better than this. Dirt 5 doesn’t have mechanical/physical damage, has no reflections, & the road textures pop-in, etc. someone needs to tell Codemasters that each successive game needs to look better and include more content than the previous versions, because they screwed up big time.

  • Ananta NAMANYA
    Ananta NAMANYA

    Just like Project CARS 3 they downgrade the gameplay

  • Filip Borch-Solem
    Filip Borch-Solem

    Can I play this on my dusty ol’ ps3? This looks like motorstorm!

  • Guilherme Cardoso
    Guilherme Cardoso

    Everyone is commenting about the graphics, but I kinda wanna notice that the gameplay seems super uninspired too. Dirt mainline has always been more arcadey than Dirt Rally, but it still covered actual rally disciplines. This seems to me like one of those "rally" races in games like Forza Horizon, it's not actually a time attack rally nor a rally cross race or anything of the sort. I think we have a lot of point A to point B arcade racers already, and it's a bit disappointed that a game that had a nice niche of simcade rally experience ended up with this type of gameplay as well. I'll stick with Dirt 3 for arcade rallying and Dirt Rally 2.0 for simulation.

  • Uilker Riccelli
    Uilker Riccelli


  • Brooks Brewer
    Brooks Brewer

    My mirror can run this

  • Cset racing
    Cset racing

    As soon as I see all the third person views I know it is just a kids game,lets hope the parents like it enough to buy it.

  • Copenhagen

    It looks great. Im gonna buy this game 👌🏼

  • Luke Boisen
    Luke Boisen

    Why did it only render dirt in a 2m radius

  • Achilles Turner
    Achilles Turner

    Why does it so pixelated or that just me ?

  • Krenko Iloscano
    Krenko Iloscano


  • Syxt

    This Version has Tearing! :(

  • XxFyrus

    "Next gen"

  • Riley French
    Riley French

    That screen tearing tho....

  • Kurniawan Sampurna
    Kurniawan Sampurna

    Wtf is wrong with the opening music!!!

  • Kurniawan Sampurna
    Kurniawan Sampurna

    I don't want to comment about the gameplay neither the graphics. Because even the opening music doesn't sound like music to me.

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru

    I don’t like being critical when I know that it was developed during quarantine and the developers are passionate, but I am rather disappointed. It looks worse than most current gen games.

  • FunkyChicken251

    Am I the only person here for the game itself and not the Xbox...

  • circleNebula

    People are mad about the graphics, what people don't get about dirt is that they have spent years and years perfecting the feeling of "driving". I'm almost 90% those trails are exactly what would happen, and you can see that from the game driver used to floaty forza.

  • catalunya lliure
    catalunya lliure

    looks pretty shitty

  • Stuart Fry
    Stuart Fry

    Loving the nostalgia, thanks for showing us some classic PS2 footage IGN! But, could we please have some next gen stuff too??

  • Masoud Rahmani
    Masoud Rahmani

    And there's even some stuttering in this footage surprisingly!!! 1:31

  • Luca Minecraft luca
    Luca Minecraft luca

    Even the trailer looks better

  • samuel bird
    samuel bird

    I hope when codemasters get the wrc license they give it the dirt rally series treatment not this

  • Dude Master
    Dude Master

    "Nice driving"

  • luchotaq


  • Merky Beam
    Merky Beam

    4k my arse, the upload is 1080 60

    • Trololo Inc ®
      Trololo Inc ®

      1080P upscaled to 4K as IGN are clueless.

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower

    Could it be due to compression that it doesn't look so nice?

  • Yassir Rossel
    Yassir Rossel

    who's playing this???? A game journalist? Haha. terrible!


    Graphically on par with Project Gotham Racing 3. Not bad.

  • Trev J
    Trev J

    guys they just pranking us its a game of the series 360

  • saego360

    Just looks like an arcade game in skegness

  • m3t4llic

    This game looks and plays like 2002 title.


    Is this a out of season april fools joke??

  • Farrukh Ahmed
    Farrukh Ahmed

    Total garbage..

  • サテライトnsf

    GT5 rally mode on PS3 looks better than this and runs at 1080p 60 FPS

  • サテライトnsf

    I think my iPhone can do better graphics, where are all the teraflops going?

  • Rodrigo Christian Grataroli Quintas
    Rodrigo Christian Grataroli Quintas

    lots of lag

  • ian singlewood
    ian singlewood

    I've pre order series x I hope it gets better than this very quickly I love the dirt series but this is embarrassing

  • Swamp cam
    Swamp cam

    Картинка сыпится при резких поворотах :(

  • M

    Surprised to see Škoda here.

  • Wendell Source
    Wendell Source

    this is so bad

  • Mladen Karic
    Mladen Karic

    Mkay I know vanilla dirt is supposed to be arcade but maaahn this is worse than nfs arcade-wise.

  • H W
    H W

    Don't understand how such a video can go public

  • Aben

    This is going to be a $70 game?

  • fajr1984

    The problem with the graphics is that there aren’t enough details. It doesn’t FEEL like the car is moving through dirt and mud. There should be way more dirt and mud being kicked around. There should be smoke when the cars are drifting around corners on asphalt. I can’t even see if the car’s tires are making a track in the mud. Pull the camera back a little and let us see how the tracks are deformed underneath the tires.

  • Kratos70

    0:01 house with brown roof has pop in also rock mountain in the distance of the path has pop in 0:59 tall tree right side has pop in textures 1:06 some pop in on right side of cave entrance 1:21 tall rock left side has texture pop in 2:00 mesh in corner has moving texture 2:07 tree on right side has texture pop in 2:41 look at the Pop In on that Rock 2:56 tree left side has texture pop in 3:02 tree right side has texture pop in 3:10 tree right side on turn has texture pop in LMAO Most Powerful Console My A$$

  • FixerUK

    It usually doesn't bother me that much but the screen tearing was really noticeable.

  • Aaron Kirk
    Aaron Kirk

    There is screen tearing in this? Is that the game or the video?

  • Manuel Cruz
    Manuel Cruz

    Well, it does look better than Halo Infinite

  • TheGreatMunky

    Love the frame shearing.

  • CandyRub

    Damn the amount of screen tearing and pop up...

  • raspberryjohnny

    nothing much to say: looks bad man

    • Micheal

      When its hard to pick out something nice, its pretty bad.

  • Ace Warrior
    Ace Warrior

    I think the devs might have been a little too focused on 120fps than they said they were...

  • themetzman

    Yeah.. graphics-wise this game is not a showcase for next gen. Especially looking at things like the tunnel at 1:10. Just flat textures without any shadows, the lights don't seem to do anything to the scene, it's al one light level. In fact, shadows seem to be missing for a lot of things like the trees beside the road. These graphics have the same "something's missing" feel as the Halo Infinite demonstration had. Hopefully the gameplay itself (which is always most important), amount of content and maybe some cool features can make up for it, but I feel I'm looking at a direct port of a older Dirt game. Also, I still see a lot of people say: "but it has 4k on xbox series x!". 4k is it's render resolution, it doesn't make the game's actual graphics better, it just displays the same graphics at a higher resolution. You'll get a more detail for far away objects and sharper edges, but that's it.

  • Slipser Slipman
    Slipser Slipman

    Sees graphics- 'Wow, ancient Greece had some crazy chariots!'

  • jonathan kenaz
    jonathan kenaz

    What is this?? Motocross with 4 wheels?? 🤔🤔🤔

  • BrentSexy

    Is this a joke? this game looks like a crappy current gen game

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva

    i don't get it how they got the money to hire both nolan and troy to participate in this game, and the marketing has been big, but the development doesn't feel like it tho

  • JoaK

    wow, even Dirt 3 looks way better

  • Shane W
    Shane W

    What the hell is this sh*t ? 😂.. This looks like a PS3 game.

  • Ismail Marsh
    Ismail Marsh

    Looks like a mobile game😬

  • J P
    J P

    Dirt 5: Halo Infinite Edition.

    • Atropode Notícias
      Atropode Notícias

      Halo Infinite Cars Dlc Edition

    • Ali Moeini
      Ali Moeini


  • Michael Espeland
    Michael Espeland

    Am I the only one who feel like this is prev-gen footage? I mean, come on? It's a joke right?

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    Is this 'next gen' or 'previous gen'?

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer

    1 step forward, 5 steps back

  • Simpson

    what the hell, this looks like an early PS3 title!

    • Simpson

      @master ken what? It really does. Everything is so colorless and flat.

    • master ken
      master ken


  • BronerBeast

    Terrible screen taring...

  • Kavish Jain
    Kavish Jain

    2:30 nice little scene look closely

  • Kavish Jain
    Kavish Jain

    so much for 12 tflops

  • Samuel Du
    Samuel Du

    how is this next gen when forza looks better and can run 8k 60fps on my pc

  • Sergio Perez
    Sergio Perez

    I think they meant Xbox. Like, just regular Xbox.

  • Pierre Noss
    Pierre Noss

    Damn dirt 2 is still better looking than this

  • African Campus life
    African Campus life

    So glad my account was finally recovered by @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram 🤗

  • Jalen Turner
    Jalen Turner

    Ouch.... those graphics do not look next gen. The game itself looks fun tho

  • Jose Juan Salado Vega
    Jose Juan Salado Vega

    Not very impressed, whatchwd on 4k60 tho

  • Santiago Villarreal
    Santiago Villarreal

    The screen tearing is ATROCIOUS! 😬🤮

  • ch3mical Romanc3
    ch3mical Romanc3

    *Looks shite* series x lmfao

  • Gargs

    SAMIR...YOU BREAKiNG THE Graphics!

  • Spocko memes
    Spocko memes

    Looks terrible older pc could do better mainly those textured popping in and out hopefully its the game if not then its xbox series x hardware not functioning perfectly

  • Shaheer Mahar
    Shaheer Mahar

    is this ps3 game modded ?

  • ChipperParrot

    Ummm this game looks like poop.

  • MegaDario1978

    Xbox 360 graphics gameplay WTF ...

  • Daniitin :D
    Daniitin :D

    Look's Like a PS3 Game xD

  • Max Max
    Max Max

    the tearing is so bad

  • Kleuv Nizhik
    Kleuv Nizhik

    THANKS Amazing team behind nice fresh out Title, Can't wait to have those epic drives epic circuits with racing whee!

  • Kattos _
    Kattos _

    It looks like a ps2 game...

  • marshall tracy
    marshall tracy

    The trees.. THE TREES ARE 3D!!!! 😂

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