Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Vehicles Trailer
CD Projekt Red breaks down the variety of vehicles players will be able to use to explore Night City in Cyberpunk 2077.
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  • Rich Burmond
    Rich Burmond

    this actually reminds me of apb lol

  • Cristian Castaneda
    Cristian Castaneda

    What's the song from 0:12?

  • Charging Rhino
    Charging Rhino

    why is he bragging about a 3l v6 lol thats slow af

  • N N
    N N

    oh look its the official trailer of the official trailer of the official trailer of the official trailer of a game that will never release. 4x delayed. dude, give us a fifth and sixth and seventh official trailer for each delay please.

    • Master Race of everything
      Master Race of everything

      2 numbnut

  • Brian Anggy
    Brian Anggy

    gila mobilnya keren. Tapi tetep gua isiin premium (kalo ada)

  • yahya ahmed
    yahya ahmed

    1:06 lol, they know how we'll be playing

  • Nebo

    Put in Jesko in it

  • Oswald Mosely
    Oswald Mosely

    Reminder you cant customize your car, not even the paint job.

  • JaxeDoval 1
    JaxeDoval 1

    I can't for November 19 oh wait 😭


      December 10 u mean it's been again delaied bro

  • Noah Sullivan
    Noah Sullivan

    I have a feeling that with the new delay, the game will be much better and worth the really long wait. Just sayin!

  • Literary Arts CMS
    Literary Arts CMS

    Where's the Tesla Ludicrous mode?

  • Myron Ma
    Myron Ma

    There is a lot of the fun facts on car's specs they shown.

  • Blind man In the Wired
    Blind man In the Wired

    wtf is going on with all these... not one of them has proper fitment


      What is fitment bro

  • Helicase

    "Welcome to NCW 467. Here we will talk about the pavement textures and sewer grate coverings. Also, stay tuned to find out the NEXT release date!"

  • fullm3tal90

    Delayed again ... smh I’m scared this is going to be a flop ... hold on to your hype guys hopefully we don’t get another anthem

  • J Dubs
    J Dubs

    I'm a 911 GT3RS Owner....I'm so happy


      Is the game do things right bro?

  • Alexis Demidov
    Alexis Demidov

    No Cybertruck in Cyberpunk? ⚡️

  • reuben tettey
    reuben tettey

    I want wet roads

  • Yogi And booboo
    Yogi And booboo

    Bro my Xbox is gonna catch on fire. It’s literally gonna overheat

  • Who cares.
    Who cares.

    So basically this is Adam Jensen in GTA 2077

  • Kenzi

    yooo they got a porsche

  • The Music Heart
    The Music Heart

    If car guys like me play this game, *hehe* it will never finish.

  • WiFi gaming
    WiFi gaming

    When this is out I'm gonna make a fast and furious car mod

  • Adolfo_Franco

    I can tell the driving is not that great... unfortunately if the driving is similar to watch dogs im not getting it.

  • Tyler Smash
    Tyler Smash

    Shame you can't customize any of the cars in this game, still cool.

  • brandonega

    Still not better than midnight club 3 dub edition remix

  • Daniel Hebert
    Daniel Hebert

    Is this game just like a futuristic GTA?

  • Cloudy

    Crash physics..?

  • Georgian Guy
    Georgian Guy

    Is this game like a futuristic GTA?

  • kazi789

    So no battery powered cars?All cars still run on fuel 50 years from now?

  • J P
    J P

    this game is looking more and more like GTA. not saying its not going to be fun but...

    • Ruben Pereira
      Ruben Pereira

      GTA is not a RPG don't expect a linear story and a straight forward game but i understand why pepole keep comparing this game to GTA is very similar in some ways.

  • Maxpower Overdrive
    Maxpower Overdrive

    is this a 'GTA 5' like game? *it is the only game I've ever played*

  • ThatonePorscheguy ok
    ThatonePorscheguy ok

    Trailer shows Shows Porsche 911 Turbo. Me: I may have found something I like

  • ZmTopReasons

    @0:19 listen closely... anyone else get nfs carbon vibes?

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    1:00 a big turbo slapped into that small car? Amazing

  • Gary Bearup
    Gary Bearup

    demon slayer

  • CJ

    If driving a 100 year old Porsche, in the Future doesnt get you excited for this game i dont know what will.

  • Ethangamingfredo

    Come back 57 years see if your right😅

  • Martin 896
    Martin 896

    Now let's just hope for drive model to not be like crew 2

  • Türkoglu 88
    Türkoglu 88

    Fluently 60 fps on the xbox series s and its perfect

  • ImperatorZor

    57 years in the future and IC engines have not been phased out for electrics.

    • Peter Smulders
      Peter Smulders

      I think fuel cars are going to be in the future just expensive because fuel will run very dry and electric cars will be cheap and mainstream

  • Jesse Dean
    Jesse Dean


  • Just some guy With a surprised expression
    Just some guy With a surprised expression


  • SynthLizard8

    I'm loving the economy clunkers.

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken

    no flying cars ? wtf

  • AB

    Only if the game had a third-person perspective option...

  • NO DNA Beats
    NO DNA Beats

    You would have thought they would have gone electric by 2077.

  • Joseph Munoz
    Joseph Munoz

    You’re kidding me with the Porsche. This might be the greatest game of all time

  • mr egg
    mr egg

    0.23 bugatti ?

  • Artyom

    Киса и Ося были тут

  • OgGuak420

    Why’s everyone acting like they know what a Porsche is let alone how to actually pronounce it lol ima just assume all these comments are bots cause y’all hive mind

  • OgGuak420

    Delorean has entered the chat

  • Shaderox

    Unlike the other trailers, this one is giving me a lot of GTA vibes

  • ArtisTiko

    2:26 is that gta v?

  • Hansiwansi

    Just VR support is missing!!!

  • Bre Armon
    Bre Armon

    Anybody get a Midnight Club type of vibe?

  • Shiro Shunsuke
    Shiro Shunsuke

    0:56 anyone know the name of the bgm here?

  • zoomforlife

    so this is the new needforspeed game ?

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone

    Imagine if this game was made for nex gen only!!


    fun fact: in 2077 the porsche is 100 years old. make it the perfect car for keanu

  • NYFinest LokoLobo
    NYFinest LokoLobo

    This is the video I've been waiting for

  • Jake A
    Jake A

    1:50 I remember this Music from the Deep Dive

  • GoisBR


  • Joe Birr
    Joe Birr

    is this GTA 2077?

  • roy dabral
    roy dabral

    Testarossa, countach and Saleen dlc coming soon

  • roy dabral
    roy dabral

    I got wood

  • What We Protect
    What We Protect

    Pot twist: it's actually RUF in game

  • Deadmanfredtv

    the more i see the more this game just feels like GTA in the future... which is NOT what rpgs fans want. Still looks amazing, but a completely different experience than Witcher 3. What scares me is that CD project Red's first 2 witcher games were kinda bad, and it took 3 games to get it right.

  • Stephen Durán
    Stephen Durán

    Wish you could customize them though...

  • Lavalambtron

    The real 2077 will be nothing like this, it will actually be not that different from today except with certain advancements in technology, more autonomous systems everywhere, but won't be dark and grim for the most part.


    If it has VR that will be boss! Level!!

  • Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinson

    What is with all these gas powered cars in the year 2077? There is no way in hell combustion engine cars would still be in mass production. Every one of them would be an antique.


    I want a testarossa

  • lymphe tyche
    lymphe tyche

    Soooo basically gta but in the future

  • Lifelover

    GTA 6 Cyberpunk Edition?

  • Tín Trần Trung
    Tín Trần Trung

    Sound like the intro of Burnout Paradise with the same women voice

  • Milan Čihák
    Milan Čihák

    Why is the steering wheel in this game acting really weird ? The whole car looks arcadeish. No feel of weight :/

    • cnoce

      it's cyberpunk 2077 not assetto corsa 2

  • Al Ex
    Al Ex

    If I don’t see any of you modders develop Akira... well, I’ll be very disappointed in you. 👉


    cars companies be like: "ok folks now we make a car with futuristic design for our millenials" "but boss, thats not our design ..... " "just say we're partnering with CD Projekt"

  • predatorman2

    Is it weird out of the all the amazing looking cars the car I wanna drive first is that tiny Red economy class car? 🤣

  • Mahassin Ahmed
    Mahassin Ahmed

    الله يهدي سايبر بنكي جونكي

  • Soda Sama
    Soda Sama

    i feel like i'm being slow seared

  • Kaz Banks
    Kaz Banks

    Year 2077 and cars still need fuel! Greta: How dare you! :D

  • shark

    youd think in 2077 the cars would be faster than 0-60 in 3-2 seconds.... tesla does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds TODAY x)

  • Ap0stol

    Ok but pls make Witcher 4 now

  • dnbtrooper

    The bonus to driving this in game from the real thing, you wont have to suffer the hard clutch pedal.

  • O B E Y
    O B E Y

    I hope multiplayer isn’t just two player it would be awesome to get that four player system so you and the boys can go cause havoc in the city 😤

  • zEsquirez Eh?
    zEsquirez Eh?


  • zEsquirez Eh?
    zEsquirez Eh?

    Those other cars looked like an AE86 though.

  • Mrinal choudhury
    Mrinal choudhury

    CD Projekt made an adult game. Now they Gon waif for our kids to become adults before they release it

  • Ben Kesh
    Ben Kesh

    00:57 whats this song?

  • Azri Fadli
    Azri Fadli

    2077 Tesla has dominated but we like an historic cars

  • RJ

    this game will drop in 2077

  • Simmtek

    Anyone know whos doing the voice over, sounds familiar

  • Jäger 5
    Jäger 5

    Man these vehicles don't feel like they have weight compared to GTA's vehicles .. they are so easy to steer

  • David Spierenburg
    David Spierenburg

    *Goes from 0 to a 100 in 3.2 seconds* Tesla: Pathetic

    • Ross Robinson
      Ross Robinson

      Yeah honestly I am surprised not to see more people in the comments wondering why these 2077 cars are so primitive. There is pretty much zero chance that gas powered cars will still be in production anywhere in the world in 2077.

  • Thekillerg

    Floor it, Fi !!!! No one heard that???

  • Ascension.INC

    Best track in the trailer imo at 0:57 this is what style I expect to hear in the majority of the soundtrack.

  • ryan bunce
    ryan bunce

    0:24 the fourth car was not cool

  • elvys valerio
    elvys valerio

    Gta 6 looking real nice here

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