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  • Lincoln Bourne
    Lincoln Bourne

    Her voice is absolutely terrible and annoying.

  • Mariocco Argi
    Mariocco Argi

    I want the old peter parker in spiderman .😡😡

  • Fenrir

    Hopefully this game has more than 3 guns per category like FC5. Still mad.

  • himexavierpuff

    Did You Forget PHASMOPHOBIA?

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    yes guys let us all make fun of someone, tell them to get fired, and whine because they have a different opinion then us

  • Sanchit Arnale
    Sanchit Arnale

    1980s of Ebay😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ilman Nafi
    Ilman Nafi

    You can hit me with a meteor zhongli

  • MandalorianZ

    ".....and although it's great to have new Star Wars to wildly speculate over, it doesn't seem like our hero or the showrunners telling his story have learned much from his first outing." Aw crap, here we go again.

    • MandalorianZ

      Also, this is one of the first videos I have seen to get more dislikes than likes.

  • Agnes Ruben
    Agnes Ruben


  • Synergy2900

    I think this controller looks nice but what's it like in comparison to xbox controller in terms of latency because Microsoft mentions low latency.

  • T M
    T M

    Temuera Morrison is literally credited as Boba Fett on IMDB. Yes, that’s him. No doubt

  • Kirei Kotomine
    Kirei Kotomine

    1:11 have you see my GUn :)

  • Piotr Strukiel
    Piotr Strukiel

    For all players. Don't give up. This is a Souls level hard game. But wait till first Boss. OMG wait till first boss, this is amazing !

  • Lorenzo Fumagalli
    Lorenzo Fumagalli

    Velociraptor blue in the jurassic world dominion???

  • Alex Undiscovery
    Alex Undiscovery

    should be release on all platforms like genshin impact


    I kill you all plandemic covid19

  • Duker Nuker
    Duker Nuker

    Amazing graphics and gameplay is used for non interesting theme

  • R Bee
    R Bee

    I think Bethesda games will be timed exclusives for the sole assumption that the Microsoft ecosystem alone can't support the future production budgets this scope of games will require, and still return an acceptable level of ROI.


    Give up with it

  • Matt G
    Matt G

    they hired a woman to be the lead level designer in a game remake.. lol

  • Losly Lale
    Losly Lale

    Zelda is the most stupidest game ever made . No people whom I know ever play this game title before from any franchise . Played and was ok..

  • RJM Kcirddor
    RJM Kcirddor

    These camera angles somone give that dude a raise

  • Lucid DreamsZzz
    Lucid DreamsZzz

    Mad respect to the Devs 💪💪💪

  • Nueztoy

    Who cares about Boba Fett any more?

  • Worst Nightmare 1978
    Worst Nightmare 1978

    Just got this game today looking forward to installing it to my ps4 in the next few days

  • Al Dabija
    Al Dabija

    For more gaming subscribe me

  • Zoom

    Will ppl be mad if they make a 1917 plandemic movie?

  • Al Dabija
    Al Dabija

    For more gaming subscribe me

  • Kyle Nobody
    Kyle Nobody


  • JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
    JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??

    Shadowlands - Wrath of the Licher King

  • TmoDDD

    The Fox is back.

  • HPSmash77

    "World Class Games" ??? oh You mean PlayStation exclusives and Nintendo's masterpieces

  • Huzaifah Shaikh
    Huzaifah Shaikh

    Basically it's a managerial failure, they should have announced for let's say 2021 March then release in December 10 to surprise and make people happy

  • Eri C. Lion
    Eri C. Lion

    Just you wait Once it comes out, almost no game journalist at all will ever get to fight the Vanguard in the tutorial, let alone get through 1-1 Hell, I'm even willing to bet a grand on that

  • Wicked Jeromy
    Wicked Jeromy

    This game is Free to Play. Is this a play to win game or only free to level 20 ect?

  • Ditch Compact
    Ditch Compact

    I hope kratos kills a lot of norse gods.

  • Kyle Novak
    Kyle Novak


  • Fudzbo

    I have yet to find a single planet that lush and interesting. Also, I haven't started fresh in probably a year or more.

  • Farmertate

    This time on "Plot armor don't give af"...

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir

    Rename it kansei Drift

  • Autumn Box
    Autumn Box

    who's that guy at 1:16

  • Raymond Si
    Raymond Si

    I still remember the hype for the first game and the disappointment. We will see

  • Rodrigo Manero
    Rodrigo Manero

    He couldn’t have been any clone! Accelerated growth means they’re all pretty old now (and mainly just dead), but Boba’s growth is normal, so he looks his age. This is most definitely him!


    so you buy the new xbox just to play on 120FPS instead of 60.Same games with the game pass and still waiting for a decent exclusive.Who remembers the difference between consoles in early 2000,when you were waiting to get the xbox360 or ps2 or gamecube and the differences were huge?

  • Tylerxc309

    I'm so excited for ps5 release

  • Ninja 2nd
    Ninja 2nd


  • Scott Gust
    Scott Gust

    CDPR lied about release dates, lied about crunching and lied about the reasons for the delays. They arent the ethical studio we thought they were, their just like everyone else.

  • Vincent Ronaldi
    Vincent Ronaldi

    In my childhood memories. Clock Tower is one game that can haunted me in my sleep

  • Ninja 2nd
    Ninja 2nd

    I love the original

  • Ignacioofcl

    343 missed an opportunity to make this a stand alone level for Halo 2 Anniversary. Prove me wrong.

  • Esper Accelerator
    Esper Accelerator

    you know who should play ganondorf. Tim Curry

  • Benjamin Contreras
    Benjamin Contreras

    i need see gameplays on series s

  • RandomSabahanGamer 98
    RandomSabahanGamer 98

    Why can't they just call it Call of Duty Cold War?

  • 19Pain93

    Bye diluc meta

  • Kiran Kamat
    Kiran Kamat


  • piano lover
    piano lover

    What is bruce Willis Doing?

  • Benjamin Alexander
    Benjamin Alexander

    Watching next gen gameplay videos in 1080p, nice one, IGN.

  • Kristiyan Shamoon
    Kristiyan Shamoon

    The greatest 2k ever

  • Deadbites223

    Imagine if this is real

  • ZeroisLife28

    This guy needs to do every review. “It’s Boba Fett. It is. It just is.” Sold.

  • Bugside almighty
    Bugside almighty

    Took me all episode to realize

  • Josephine Kwan
    Josephine Kwan

    Who knew planks were the answer

  • Jason Cuellar
    Jason Cuellar

    Based on these new cards I think is safe to say that pro models for next gen consoles is guaranteed

  • Isaac Serreyn
    Isaac Serreyn

    After just putting out their huge origins redemption update now this, They truly are redeeming the game. I bought the game because of the updates. Now all I want is a ground combat overhaul and automation lol

  • Samuel John
    Samuel John

    Why was bobba Fett wearing what looked like a jedi robe? And it looks like the crate worm ate the sarlac with boba inside, maybe that's why he got scared up from the acid or just being inside the sarlac pit, and did he cut his way out of the krayt dragon ? Or blast.......

  • anonymous broccolli
    anonymous broccolli

    Fullmetal alchemist <3

  • The Bauss
    The Bauss

    How did 'SINISTER' not make your List......its scary as hell

  • Walesky Alves Meneses
    Walesky Alves Meneses

    Two Week , MILES Syd Long Hair

  • Deadbites223

    This better not be real 😒🤯